Office Manager Certification Program Now Available!

TSO Network has partnered with Dr. Scot Morris to present the TSO office manager certification program for all Doctors and staff of TSO.

Dr. Scot Morris stated, “During this course we spend time learning the critical benchmarks to monitor daily, monthly and annually that are important to guide and direct the business. We teach how to build an effective budget, as well as exactly what key performance indicators (KPI’s) are necessary to develop and track. We also provide a brief description of how to build an action plan to “fix” or improve these KPI’s, also known as benchmarks.”

As a Certified Eye Care Office Manager, you will acquire the knowledge to effectively plan and implement change through financial benchmarks and effective goal setting. You will additionally learn how to effectively manage the physical office, human resources, and the consumer experience!

This course includes 11 modules that cover all aspects of business management, followed by 11 quizzes that will test your knowledge of each subject.

Who should take this course?

If you are Doctor of TSO, manager or an eye care professional looking to grow your career and skill set, then this course is for you! No other course combines all of this information together in a single course.

Why should you consider this training?

Effective office management is the key difference between surviving and thriving in today’s new reality. Created by one of today’s most respected thought-leaders in eye care, you will learn how to effectively manage your practice more efficiently.

“The Office Manager Certification Program offers an informative perspective of the roles and responsibilities of the office manager and their interactions with the Doctors, staff, and patients. It provides the foundation for effective planning and implementation to successfully achieve goals.” – TSO Network Operations Manager Cindy Huynh

“The program offers to the Network a certification program that can not only on-board to operations a new

Office Manager and a great refresh to help develop their currently positioned manager. The presentation is presented in easy to understand dialogue that a TSO Member can use a foundation and add specifics that his or her practice has in place to subject.

I would encourage the Member to engage the Practice Consultant along with this program to enhance the

skill set of your office Manager as the investment made, will provide a higher productivity outcome in their role at your practice.” – TSO Network Central Texas Practice Consultant Steve Coronado

“The course is very informative. It has information that helps an experienced office manager and a-not-so experienced manager. The format is effective, and focuses on leadership and management skills. He presents the information like in a class-room style. You can take notes, as he speaks and then take quiz at the end of each section. Good information as a whole.”

  • TSO Network North Texas Practice Consultant Roland Gonzalez