Office Goals for 2012

To build a successful practice, I cannot wait for good things to happen. Optometric management follows the same logic as buying lottery tickets. Sitting and waiting for success gets me nowhere. In order to build a flourishing practice, I need to anticipate future demands, adapt to changes, and reflect on what I want to define as success. Here are several improvements I want to make:

Financial Goals

Increase collected gross revenue by 5%. My office is mature, so it is not easy to achieve without serious effort. The chief means of achieving the goal is word-of -mouth referral from patients. I would solicit family member referrals at the end of the examination.


To better serve the patients, I have hired one more staff member in January, giving the overworked staff well deserved relief. We have two-full-time O.D.s on staff, and I will be bringing in one more part-time in the spring and summer to create more appointment slots.


A new edger is on the drawing board. An additional automatic lensometer will save the OD more time. Plus, bringing in new equipment and instruments every year ensures that we are on the forefront of optometric practice.


Make 2012 the year of marketing the practice and increasing the number of patients seen daily.

  • My website needs a revamp. Time and resources need to be invested into what I hope to be an increasingly important representation of my office.
  • Engage in social media, especially making my practice’s Facebook page active and relevant.
  • Assign the side position of Director of Marketing to one of my staff members and give him/her time to work on projects.
  • Develop a marketing calendar for my practice and conduct a different project each month.

Getting a plan on a piece of paper has helped to crystallize my ideas. If I do even 10% of what I know and plan, I will have learned a lot and hopefully grown my practice. As always, I would love to hear from you. I hope to see you in Austin next month.


Simon Yeung, O.D.