OBS Conference a Success

The doctors and staff in attendance at this successful two-day conference left with a complete understanding of compliance to the upcoming state and federal regulations necessary to maintain a practice without risking financial damage.

Drs. Peter Cass and Joe DeLoach familiarized TSO Network doctors and staff on the complex rules regarding Human Resources, HIPAA, ICD-!0, Billing and Coding and Meaningful Use. Through interactive presentations and engaging lectures, all in attendance learned how to comply with the rules and protect their practice.


“I thought the conference was very informative and important to the well being of my practice. I have already started implementing what I learned.”


Dr. Michael Del Sardo



“We really enjoy working with the Doctors of TSO. They are eager to embrace what’s new and important, whether it is compliance issues or technology changes, anything that will help their patients and their staff. We look forward to a continued association with the Doctors of TSO.”


– Drs. Cass and DeLoach of Optometric Business Solutions




“The OBS conference gave me the information that I need to navigate the maze of new regulations. It will help me protect my business from various entities that may audit my office. I would never have the time to read and understand most of the information that the conference covered on my own. In addition, I purchased their manual to help me produce a professional HIPPA manual to meet the federal requirements and safeguard my office and staff.” -Wendy Broussard, O.D



Manuals for each of the topics covered are available for purchase by contacting Optometric Business Solutions at 214-998-2723 or ordering online at optometricbusinesssolutions.com.