Northline TSO Talks Polarized Sales

“Polarized sun-wear sales. It starts in the exam room with the doctor prescribing polarized lenses to prevent growth and further progression of natural aging cataracts, further redness in the eyes, and UV protection. When the doctor walks the patient out to the optical floor, he or she will introduce the patient to the optician, and let the optician know that what is needed on the glasses. The doctor will reiterate the importance of polarized lenses to the patient regarding cataract prevention and UV protection.

Once the doctor leaves, the optician will go over with the patient what the doctor is prescribing. The optician will start with the first pair and then go over the second pair, which it will be the polarized lens. On the second pair we always say that we have a great promotion right now on polarized lenses, and let me show the differences between polarized lenses and regular sunglasses. That is when we use the Optikam to show the patient differences between regular sunglasses and Polarized sunglasses. Once you’ve explained and showed them the differences; they are amazed by polarized lenses.

Even if the patients did not get polarized sunglasses at the initial visit, you put a seed in the patients mind of the importance of having polarized lenses. We have seen that the majority of the patients do come back and get the lenses at a later date. The key is to show and demonstrate the differences to every patient.”

– Julio Vallejo and Staff at Northline TSO