TSO Network Update - March 2018

Vol. 7, Issue 3 March 2018 Networking with fellow optometrist can be beneficial to your bottom line. I have learned more from talking to my colleagues and discussing how they run their practice than our practice management course while optometry school. I recently shared a ride with a fellow OD to attend the last TSO board meeting. During the three-hour drive, we talked shop. I learned about some of the techniques implemented in their practice to increase sales. Of course, I stole some great ideas and have implemented them in my practice with great enthusiasm from my staff. There are many opportunities in the near future to network with other optometrist. I highly recommend attending our own Vision Quest. The CE is great, the food is appetizing, but the company of my fellow TSO doctors is why I go. Take the time during our required CE events visit with other ODs. Share ideas and practice techniques that may be of use to others. I bet the time away from your office will result in a net increase in your profits. Chairman’s CORNER - Benny Peña, OD Networking Can Increase Your Profits Dr. Peña explains the opportunity for our members to learn from others in our Network and from other optometrists in the profession. This past month, the Texas Optometric Association held their annual convention and, by all accounts, was a success. The conference was attended by approximately 500 optometrists, 400 para-optometric personnel and hundreds of exhibiting vendors. For me personally it was a great time of getting together with good friends and an opportunity to start new friendships with both optometrists and exhibiting vendors. It is a meeting that I look forward to especially because it is about Texas. Dr. Alexander Chen is the Chairman of the Board of Directors’ Political Affairs Committee and is providing the leadership to connect with young, professional optometrists and explaining to them the great opportunity of joining the TSO Network. He needs your help. Our organization consists of 115 shareholders, doctors who own TSO, Inc. These shareholders are the best ambassadors for the TSO brand and opportunity. Events like the TOA convention are great for making your presence known in the profession of optometry. As the legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden has said, 90% of success is just showing up. This year twenty-two TSO doctors took the time to show up. This is a great start but we have to do more and do better. There will be another opportunity later this spring with the Rosenberg School of Optometry and of course our annual meeting, Vision Quest to be held June 10-15. Put these on your calendar and plan now to attend. A friend of mine once said, “You know, you should always attend the meeting. Sometimes you need the meeting and sometimes the meeting needs you.” Networking offers great benefits and value, but they call it “net-WORKING” for a reason, you have to do it to enjoy the benefits. Hope to see you soon. Make Your Presence Known - John D. Marvin, President