TSO Network Update - July 2018

Vol. 7, Issue 7 July 2018 Half of 2018 has blown by. Its time to take some measurements of our practices to help keep us on track to meet our annual goals. The third quarter marketing kits were sent out recently which should help with the busiest time in our profession. I have been inspired by one of our fellow TSO docs to reach for the stars. Dr. Chris Warford, TSO Baytown was recognized as a new double platinum practice at Vison Quest 2018 in Portland. He and the staff at TSO Baytown grew their practice by over $520,000 in one year. AMAZING. They grew by constantly looking at their practice metrics using THE EDGE and having a goal of being a double platinum practice. I spoke to Dr. Warford at Vision Quest to try to absorb (steal) some of his knowledge and methods he used to accomplish this monster amount of growth. He explained that #1 they set a goal of being double platinum. #2 they utilized THE EDGE to check their numbers DAILY and Monthly to ensure they were on track, #3 they focused on selling higher end merchandise in the optical. This was Chairman’s CORNER - Benny Peña, OD Half Way There accomplished with training from our Practice Consultants and by prescribing in the exam lane. He was more than willing to share how they achieved this, and I was very grateful for the “hall-way” CE I always get at Vision Quest. Curtis Zimmerman, our outstanding key note speaker at Vision Quest, talked about the butterfly effect. How small causes can have great effect. Also, Jay Binkowitz gave some early morning CE that demonstrated how growing various parts of our practices by as little as 5-10% can have a tremendous effect on our bottom line. These three gentlemen have inspired me to adjust my goals for the second half of 2018, and you should consider doing the same. Who couldn’t use a few more dollars going to their bottom line? Thanks to the TSO staff , vendors and all the OD’s and their staff that attended Vision Quest 2018. I am looking forward to seeing EVERYONE at Lost Pines Resort, TX for Vision Quest 2019. Have a great and prosperous summer!!