TSO Network Update - April 2018

Vol. 7, Issue 4 April 2018 Can you believe we have completed the first quarter of our business year? Time truly does fly. I hope everyone’s business is doing well and you are achieving your first quarter goals. If we miss our goals, we will have a new set of second quarter goals to include the amount we missed to keep our yearly goal on track. I guess we really did need all those math classes in undergrad. Last months update included an article on shareholder value. This was created out of an idea at a previous board meeting begging the question as to how much does the Network provide in benefits to the offices. The list while impressive, did not include many benefits that are not quantifiable. I have had many conversations with my fellow TSO docs on constructing a new building. Technical questions to include cost of architectural plans, cost of construction per square foot, interoffice paging system, and some not so technical questions Chairman’s CORNER - Benny Peña, OD True Shareholder Value “How big should the break room be?“ My fellow TSO docs took the time to guide me through all my apprehensive questions and made me feel reassured in my decision. I have also had other OD question me on new products, equipment, office procedures, etc. I am more than happy to share my opinions on these subjects honestly and hopefully help them make an informed decision. There is also the referral of staff or an associate optometrist that may be relocating whom are referred to the closest TSO to their new home. We all know how difficult it is to hire good staff and associates. To me, the decision to become a TSO shareholder will always be more than what is written on the “shareholder value” sheet. To me the value is in the personal relationships and the support and knowledge I get from my fellow TSO optometrist. See you at Vision Quest!