New TSO.Com Office Websites Rolling Out!

As part of the TSO Network’s ongoing effort to support the growth of your practice, TSO Marketing is replacing current office websites with a new, customized, professional website provided by EyeCarePro.Net for all TSO Network Offices at no cost.

With the permission of each TSO Network Office Doctor, EyeCarePro plans to move all of the information and content from your current website on to a new, personal website.  Once this information is moved to your new site, EyeCarePro will contact you to review any updates or make changes.  

In addition, TSO Marketing has contracted with EyeCarePro for significant discounts on web marketing services such as search engine optimization to make sure that your patients and potential patients can easily find your new site; social media optimization to create effective synergy between your website and your social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Yelp and an online patient communication program called Websystem 3.0. For more information on Websystem 3.0, CLICK HERE.

EyeCarePro believes each TSO Network Office will be very pleased with their new website, which will include features such as:

• The ability to change and update the content on your own with an easy-to-use web site editor;

• Online appointment scheduling;

• Practice forms that can be completed online by your patients and transmitted to your office in a HIPAA compliant manner;

• Links to connect your social media programs;

• Insurance programs in which you participate and much more.

You can learn how others are using EyeCarePro services by visiting or contacting Michael Porat of EyeCarePro directly.

Michael Porat
(347) 618-0784