NEW Launched

TSO Network Office is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website!

The new website is now providing patients and partners with easy navigation, as well as quick access to schedule an appointment online. All Doctors of TSO are encouraged to authorize their EHR.

What is the importance of authorizing the online EHR scheduler?

With having your real time exam schedule available on, patients are able to request an appointment at their convenience. The real time schedule is updated every half hour, so it is easy to fill your exam schedule. You can also use the online schedule tools on your website and Facebook pages.

Each Doctor of TSO was emailed information on how to complete their online profile. Please contact Robin Oloyede at if you have questions on how to access your profile. “The new web scheduler went live on a Friday night and I had my first appointment scheduled by Monday morning. It was very easy for my staff to put the appointment in and let the system confirm with the patient rather than having to potentially make multiple calls the the patient to get the appointment booked and confirmed. Setup was very straightforward with minimal time or effort on my end, and it has been seamless so far. It has had a very minimal impact as far as additional staff or doctor time needed. I look forward to increased traffic and exams as the marketing ramps up.”

  • Dr. Bryan Roof

“We added the scheduler during the fall of 2015 and are pleased to report that we had 17 patients book their exams through the online scheduler in December. Patients love the convenience and I believe it makes us look and feel high tech and different from any other practices in the area. The easier we can make it for patients to come see us, the better.”

  • Dr. Roland Montemayor