New “T.A.S.K.” Video Developed for Offices

“The T.A.S.K. dispensing video was developed by TSO Network Practice Consultants Rosie Daniel and John Soper to outline a minimum standard for the dispensing of finished eyewear. The need for the training video came about when a TSO associate was viewed handing a patient their finished eyewear with a case and their receipt wrapped together with a rubber band. The associate told the patient to ‘come back if you have any problems.’

T.A.S.K. is an acronym that stands for Tray, Adjustment, Sight and Close. The C in Close is changed to K to assist in retention of the acronym. The objective of the T.A.S.K. dispensing video is to insure that each patient receives the minimum of care when picking up their finished eyewear. The Tray section covers the presentation of the eyewear on a TSO branded tray and all contents of the tray. The Adjustment section shows how to perform the minimum adjustments and to ensure the eyewear is fitting properly. The Sight section discusses how to confirm the patient’s distance and near vision are acceptable. The closing section presents all the contents of the TSO branded bag and how to introduce second pair sales, while confirming the patient’s satisfaction.

We are very proud of this new video and hope that all of your associates will benefit from viewing. We especially hope it will help those front desk staff with limited optical experience who might find themselves in a position to dispense finished eyewear when other staff is unavailable.”

– Houston West Practice Consultant John Soper

Ask your Practice Consultant to view the T.A.S.K video in your next office meeting!