New Spectera Contact and Plans Update

Spectera is doing some restructuring on accounts within Texas to better align workload. Therefore, Kathleen Buckingham will no longer handle TSO Corporate and all TSO Locations.

Our new Spectera representative is Jennifer Norris. Jennifer can be contacted via email at or by phone at 317-405-3583. Kathleen will assist Jennifer in transitioning as needed.

Jennifer has been with Spectera Provider Relations for over five years and has a specialty in servicing practices similar to TSO offices. Like Kathleen, Jennifer will continue to keep TSO in the communications loop and continue to service TSO locations with their requests.



Listed below are the Spectera plans that will become effective January 2016.

Retail Plan Code Client Effective Date Est. Eligible Plan Set-Up
QT Georgia Pacific 1/1/2016 134,000 Custom*
QU Georgia Pacific 1/1/2016 134,300 Custom*
R3 Caleres 1/1/2016 8,000 Custom**
R6 Prospect Airport Services 1/1/2016 1,400 Standard
RD Cook County Pension Fund 1/1/2016 10,500 Standard
RF City of Burleson 1/1/2016 175 Standard
RJ API Group 1/1/2016 1,772 Custom*
RK Husqvarna Outdoor Products 1/1/2016 1,721 Standard
RN Husqvarna Outdoor Products 1/1/2016 1,721 Standard
RP Husqvarna Outdoor Products 1/1/2016 1,721 Standard
RQ Barco, Inc. 1/1/2016 392 Standard
RG Automation Tooling System 1/1/2016 616 Standard
R7 Towers Watson Exchange 1/1/2016 N/A Standard

*Non-standard  surcharge amounts

**Material copay different for eyeglass lenses vs. contact lenses