New Medicare Advantage Program

Premier Eye Care and Ocular Benefits are expanding their routine vision provider network in Texas and has been award a large Medicare Advantage plan.  The Medicare Advantage plan is taking over the Wellcare program in Texas beginning March 1, 2013.  If you are presently seeing these Wellcare members and wish to continuing, you will need to enroll in the Premier/Ocular plan. 

Premier/Ocular offers excellent provider services, including fast and accurate electronic claims submission and payments; online eligibility and benefit verification, and pre-authorizations.

Attached is a provider agreement packet for provider enrollment and a copy of their reimbursement fee schedule.

For additional information contact Meredith Danhauer.

Meredith Danhauer

Network Development Representative

Premier Eyecare/Ocular Benefits

855-866-2621 ext. 4500