New Medicaid Member ID Card

As of October 1, 2011, Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) is no longer producing or distributing Form 3087, also known as the paper Medicaid ID.

No longer will Medicaid members receive the 3087 each month.  No longer will they present the letter-size sheet of paper when they go to a doctor, dent, clinic, or pharmacy for Medicaid services.  The paper Medicaid ID has been replaced by the plastic Your Texas Benefits Medicaid card.  With the card comes a shift in how a person’s Medicaid eligibility is verified. 

Medicaid providers should be prepared to verify a person’s Medicaid eligibility with the new card.  The front of the card shows the person’s unique Medicaid ID number.  That same number is embedded in a magnetic strip on the back of the card, accessible with a basic swipe-style card reader.  With the card, providers have a choice of ways to verify the person’s Medicaid eligibility:

  • Enter the person’s Medicaid ID number at the new, secure Medicaid eligibility verification website,
  • Visit TexMedConnect on the Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) website.
  • Call the TMHP Contact Center at 1-800-925-9126.