New Management Structure Announced

Texas State Optical’s Chairman of the Board, Dr. Benny Peña and President John Marvin have announced that effective January 1, 2014 TSO, Inc. will adopt a new management structure that provides Mr. Marvin the opportunity to start his own consulting and marketing management business while continuing to work with the TSO Network of professional optometrists.

Both Dr. Peña and Mr. Marvin explain that this change is an exciting opportunity for the TSO Network and Mr. Marvin. “I am very pleased to continue working with the Doctors of Texas State Optical in helping to manage and grow the value of the TSO brand and the professional optometry network,” said John Marvin.

“John has contributed a lot to the organization since taking over as President and we are pleased for him to be involved and continue to work on behalf of members in making sure the TSO brand remains strong and relevant to our patients, our communities and optometrists who join our network,” stated Chairman Dr. Peña.

Dr. Steve Stanfield, Chairman-Elect stated, “The beauty of the doctors owning TSO is that we can make changes and create opportunities that will be best for our group and the people who work hard in supporting our network of doctors and shareholders.”