New Customer Service Technique Initiated in Houston Offices

TSO offices in the Houston area have implemented a new customer service system in efforts to provide their patients with stellar experiences. Priscilla Diosdado of TSO Northshore created and implemented the “Share Your Experience” program for customers to email their office or call a direct line to express their concerns and experiences.

Key elements of the program include:

  • An acrylic plate display installed in a highly visible area encouraging patients to “Share Your Experience” with the TSO location’s
  • An active email account with an automated responder In the response email, patients are notified that a TSO staff member will contact them within 24 business hours. Each email received is answered within the day as promised.
  • A toll free phone number directed to a live manager on If voicemails are received, the manager responds within the hour.

When asked for implantation suggestions in other offices, Priscilla suggested, “If a toll free number is not available, use a free Google Voice account and forward to an office line where a person is available to answer immediately. Also, it’s imperative that all emails and calls are tended to within the business day.”

Thank you, Priscilla for helping improve the TSO customer experience! For more information on how to implement the “Share Your Experience” program in your TSO office, please contact Lindsey Hazelwood at