New Board Meets to Begin 2015

The first meeting of TSO’s board of directors since the structure was changed to include three non-shareholder members met on January 28 to organize and set the network’s priorities for the next few years.

The first order of business was to elect Dr. Doug Jackman of Austin, TX to the position of Chairman. The board agreed to continue its committee structure of five oversight committees and added a finance/audit committee. The committees and their appointed chairman are:

Advertising & Marketing Committee
Chairman, Dr. Roland Montemayor

Professional Affairs Committee
Chairman, Dr. Benny Peña

Operations Committee
Chairman, Dr. Cameron Smith

Political Affairs Committee
Chairman, Dr. Steve Stanfield

Vendor Relations Committee
Chairman, Dr. Michael Reade

Finance / Audit Committee
Chairman, Mr. Jack Gunion

The board approved a set of Brand Service and office facility standards proposed by the Advertising & Marketing Committee and discussed their implementation over the next several months. A copy of these standards can be downloaded in the Forms & Manuals section of the network website member log in section.  The standards are a framework to bring about consistency in customer service and quality of office appearance throughout the network membership.

Majority of the meeting was devoted to setting the priorities for network organization and how it can best serve its members. Unanimous agreement among the board members is that staff and member training and education is the most important priority for the organization. The first step in this effort will be a two and half day, concentrated training workshop to be held in mid-May. The training will include both doctor and lead staff member. In addition, a 26 week optician and staff training program is being reviewed to determine the best way of implementing it throughout the network.

“The most effective marketing program we can have is a well trained office and a consistent and distinct patient experience. Advertising does not set us apart, what people experience in our member’s offices sets us apart.” said John Marvin, board member and President. “That’s where our investment needs to be at this time.”

The new board will meet on a regular basis both in person and through regular conference calls to make sure that the organization continues its development and growth.

The members of the board are Dr. Doug Jackman, Austin, TX, Dr. Benny Peña, Kerrville, TX, Dr. Steve Stanfield, San Marcos, TX, Dr. Michael Reade and Dr. Roland Montemayor, Houston, TX, Dr. Cameron Smith, Mansfield, TX, Mr. Jack Gunion, Conroe, TX, Mr. Jay Binkowitz, New York, NY and Mr. John Marvin, Houston, TX.