New Beginnings

One of the many things that I like about the first of each year is the feeling of new beginnings. I know people who claim they never make New Year’s resolutions because they know they won’t keep them. I’ve never understood this. If you know you’re not going to keep it, it’s not a resolution! Resolutions are things we resolve to do. The first step in making anything better, your office, you’re staff, your family and yourself is that you have to RESOLVE to make it better.

Now, we can do this anytime of the year, but what is special about January is that there is a sliver of expectation that this year can be different.

I saw a post on Facebook that was really simple, but really powerful. It said, “If you change nothing, nothing will change.”

I thought to myself, that’s right! If I want something to change, then I have to change something. If I want to be a better doctor, then I need to work at being a better doctor by changing something,

doing something different. I need to reach out to my colleagues and

learn from them about how I can do something better. I’ve said for years that belonging to this family of doctors provides me with the best CE I could ever have. The truth is, I can’t take credit for really any

of the success we’ve had because I learned everything from other people. I learned a lot from my dear friend Dr. Merle Jackman. I’ve learned a lot from many doctors in the TSO system.

I realized early on that I didn’t have all the answers, but I did have a lot of friends and colleagues who were willing to help me deal

with all sorts of issues and solve any problems I faced. The truth is, that we all go through the same things.

Some are better at dealing with certain issues and solving certain problems and those are people I want to learn from.

This year, take advantage of this great education network we have and let’s be the best we each can be.