Networking Can Increase Your Profits

Networking with fellow optometrist can be beneficial to your bottom line.

I have learned more from talking to my colleagues and discussing how they run their practice than our practice management course while optometry school.

I recently shared a ride with a fellow OD to attend the last TSO board meeting.

During the three hour drive, we talked shop. I learned about some of the techniques she had implemented in her practice to increase sales. Of course, I stole her ideas and have implemented them in my practice with great enthusiasm from my staff.

There are many opportunities in the near future to network with other optometrist. I highly recommend attending our own Vision Quest. The CE is great, the food is appetizing, but the company of my fellow TSO doctors is why I go. Take the time during our required CE events visit with other ODs. Share ideas and practice techniques that may be of use to others. I bet the time away from your office will result in a net increase in your profits.

– Benny Peña, OD