Network Policy Corner

Each month we will highlight a policy currently approved by the Board of Directors to ensure each Doctor of TSO is knowledgeable of the policies implemented within the TSO Network. For questions or additional information on TSO Network policies, please contact John Marvin at

Pre-Approval of New TSO Location

TSO is to pre-approve any location, which is to be considered for an optometry practice seeking membership in the TSO Network. Without this prior approval, there is no assurance that the location will be accepted for membership in the TSO Network.

Local Advertising

When advertising locally, TSO Members are to use only artwork and production provided to the TSO Member by TSO. TSO Members are not to create their own artwork or production or to seek approval for its use by TSO. Local advertising associated with the TSO brand and/ or trade mark is not to include any reference to price discounts on products or services.