Network Advertising Changes for 2014

In early 2012 the Board of Directors asked its Advertising Committee to review the advertising agreements and evaluate how contributions can best be used to build and strengthen the Texas State Optical brand.

A year later the Advertising Committee brought the board a proposal which was discussed and given preliminary approval. The board asked that the committee take the proposal to the network’s membership for feedback and discussion which they did during the months of July and August of last year with town hall meetings and a series of webinars to provide all members to provide input.

The Advertising Committee submitted a final proposal to the board during its meeting on November 10. The final proposal, which was approved, included a four year budget and restructuring plan to strengthen and build value in the TSO brand.

In its decision the board voted to retain the overall contribution of 5% as outlined in our current agreements with 3% to be invested in local advertising by either marketing councils or individual members and in accordance with a set of local advertising guidelines and policies.

Therefore, effective with sales reports for January 2014 which are due to TSO Marketing, Inc. no later than February 20, 2014, each office will send TSO Marketing a sales report along with an advertising contribution equal to 5% of their net sales.

TSO Marketing, Inc. will assume accounting responsibility for all three marketing councils with invoices for advertising expenditures being sent on behalf of the marketing council in care of TSO Marketing, Inc. Each council will determine their own advertising plans and budgets in accordance with the Local Advertising Policies.

Until it is decided otherwise, all network members who are not members of a local marketing council will continue to retain their local advertising contributions and submit quarterly reports on its use in accordance with the Local Advertising Policies. These report forms and procedures are available in the “Forms and Manuals” section of eNetwork, the online site for members.

The board has directed the Advertising Committee to take up the issue of the need for the 3% contribution for local advertising which they have already begun doing through a series of meetings. When the committee has made a decision it will be brought to the board for review.