Museum District TSO Receives Customer Service Kudos!

Congratulations to Dr. Marcaccio, Dr. Kurjee and staff at the Museum District for providing awesome customer service. The TSO brand values “Caring for the Eyes of Texas,” but patient experiences, like the one shown below, emphasize that promise and gives the actual meaning to our brand.

“I am writing this email to thank your company for the excellent service I received today at your location in Houston, TX on Main. Dr. Saira Kurjee was amazing in every way. I came to her for second opinion, after a horrific experience at the Baylor medical center. Dr. Kurjee’s care and generosity of time for me today and her thorough eye examination and explanation of every procedure made me feel at ease and confident. She discovered I had been misdiagnosed at the Baylor clinic and saved me from a wrong prescription and from wasting money and possibly doing damage to my vision. She is empathetic, compassionate, and cleary an expert in vision care. I will enthusiastically recommend her to my friends and colleagues.

I want to also thank Desiree who was also thorough in her explanations of procedures and kind to me during my visit. There was a young man, Daniel, who assisted me with my selection of new glasses and his patience is to be commended. I can be a difficult customer when it comes to selecting eyewear, and he did not show any impatience or exasperation for me during my search.

These three employees are all aware, efficient, competent, caring, and proprioceptive of your customers needs. I had a nightmarish experience at another clinic and your folks restored my confidence. They assured me with objective medical evidence that my instincts about my being misdiagnosis were right. I am grateful to this team of workers.”

With best regards,
Dr. Brady Knapp
Houston, TX