Move Over, Monovision!

Monovision soft lenses have been the preferred choice of vision correction for presbyopes for many decades. Most ECP’s had been disappointed with older generation multifocal lenses due to poor visual performance. However, multifocal lens visits grew 39% from 2009 to 2010. The surge in multifocal fitting can largely be attributed to advancement in lens design and materials, improving success rates, doctor comfort in fitting multifocal lenses and increased demand.

At the recent 2012 TOA convention, one doctor shared his amazement with new multifocal lenses. With the new innovative lenses, he successfully fitted 400 patients in one year. His testimony prompted me to look into these new lenses and the new multifocal lenses have been a tear in my office. At the end of the year, I would project to fit about 150 presbyopic patients. The multifocal lenses prove to be a practice builder for me.

The biggest advantage of soft multifocal over monovision is that they work over a variety of focal ranges. Today’s presbyopes are frequent computer users, and therefore the intermediate range plays an important role. Monovision can satisfy patients two distances while multifocal lenses can satisfy the modern day contact lens users all three distances. In addition, patients can have much better stereopsis with multifocal lenses.  The lenses drastically improve driving performance.

I strongly believe multifocal soft lenses are a powerful tool to grow your practice.