Motivating Staff

As a manager for most of my adult life, I have found that most employees are motivated by many, often intangible things. Only a few are motivated by money. In my experience, most bonus programs ultimately become entitlement programs and so paying a fair wage up front is the best policy. While few of us win the lottery and therefore need to work, it is best to try to find employees who want to work and enjoy what they do.

So what motivates employees to do the best job for you?

• Excellent and ongoing training

• Clear cut responsibilities that fit the employee’s skill set

• Positive reinforcement for a good job (and constructive feedback when improvement is needed)

• Working for an employer that sets a GOOD example

• Working in an environment that is fair and consistent in the treatment of all employees

• Filling new positions from existing staff

• Involving them in your business – creating an “ownership” mentality

Remember, your staff is your most valuable asset! They can make or break your practice. Make certain your employees enjoy what they do, feel appreciated, are paid appropriately and take ownership in your business!

– Sandra Yankee,

Optometric Business Solutions