MiraVa and ViewShield Become Popular Lens Choices

During the last quarter of 2014, network members participated in the “Put a little Jingle in your Bells” sales program featuring Texas State Optical’s proprietary lens and treatment products, MiraVa, MiraVa Plus, View-Shield and ViewShield Enhanced.

These quality lens and treatment products were specially designed and are produced by Essilor, the world’s leading manufacturer of optical lens products. “The MiraVa products use two of the best designs we’ve developed at Essilor and are outstanding values for the members of TSO” stated Bill Clove, an executive in the strategic accounts division of Essilor.
It is clear from the volume of these lenses and lens treatments sold last year that members are recognizing both the outstanding visual benefits patients receive and significant savings in their cost of goods. Overall sales of MiraVa and ViewShield products were up in excess of 60% over those sold in 2012. In many cases, these products are now the doctor’s first choice when it comes to prescribing progressive lenses.
Combining quality products with incentives for associates to earn extra money during the holiday season also resulted in increased multiple pair sales while substantially lowering cost of goods. “I couldn’t believe how small my lab bill was during what was one of my biggest sales month of the year!” said Dr. Shiroz Virani whose office is located in Katy, TX.

Dr. Benny Peña, past Chairman of the TSO Board and whose office is located in Kerrville, TX observed, “My staff members really like having that extra incentive to work for; it really fired them up. I know it helped make the holidays a little nicer for those who participated.”

MiraVa and ViewShield products are available only through Omni Optical Lab. If you would like more information about these products and how they can benefit your patients and your office, please contact your Omni Optical representative.