Medicare Updates

Revalidating your Medicare Enrollment Information

Providers and Suppliers can revalidate their Medicare enrollment information by using either; Internet-based Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS), or CMS 855 paper form.

The most efficient way to submit your revalidation information is by using PECOS on the CMS website at


Medicare Part B Upcoming Training Events

Medicare Jurisdiction H (JH) includes Texas Part B.  Review this website on a regular basis for the latest Medicare training events. This site will give you the full month training schedule so you can schedule your staff according to topic.

The latest training schedule is available at


Medicare Secondary Payer Claims Processing Issues

Changes were implemented in edits related to some Medicare Secondary Payer claims in January.  Changes in these edits have resulted in delays in claim processing.  However, CMS will update this information as it becomes available.  Customer Service Representatives are not able to take any action on these claims.  There is no need to resubmit these claims.  The claims will be release once the problem is corrected.