Medicare Updates

1.   Medicare in Texas will transition from Trailblazer to Novitas on November 19, 2012. 
2.   As part of Medicare’s security recertification process, providers with access to online services must be recertified annually.  TrailBlazer will mail recertification letters to providers the week of August 1.  Providers must verify IDs assigned to the provider are valid.  After verifying the user ID, sign and return the recertification letter to TrailBlazer.  If this recertification is not verified and returned to TrailBlazer within 30 days, online access will be terminated.  You have 30 days to complete and return recertification to TrailBlazer.
                                         i.    Train staff to accommodate the substantial increase and specificity in code sets.
                                        ii.    Review  physician workflow and patient volume changes.
                                       iii.    Revise forms and documents to reflect ICD-10 codes.
                                      iv.    Evaluate processes for ordering and reporting lab/diagnostic services to health plans. 
3.   ICD-10 – The switch to the new code set will affect every aspect of how your organization provides care, from registration and referrals to software/hardware upgrades and clinical documentation.  Assess how the new code sets will affect your organization including the following:
a.   Documentation Changes: You will need to consider the increased specificity of ICD-10 codes compared to ICD-9 codes and ensure that patient encounters are documented with appropriately comprehensive clinical descriptions.