Market Coordinators to Support Managers and Members

To back up the support of the region managers, Market Coordinators provide communication, assistance and ground work to make sure the network office is fully engaged with members.  Yanely Majano is the Market Coordinator assigned to support Market Manager Craig Parker and the North Region members and Market Manager Steve Coronado and the members of the Central Region. Lindsey Hazelwood is assigned the to support Market Managers for the two Houston Regions, East and West.

Market Coordinators provide support by:

• Following through with planning and logistics for training and member development plans
• Coordinating the production of advertising and promotional materials
• Assistance in producing special events for members such as trunk shows, grand openings and anniversaries
• Research in markets to determine the most effective way    of growing a practice through community involvement, local  advertising and special events
• Customer service support with special requests by members
• Assistance with social and digital media Yanely and Lindsey both have backgrounds in marketing and special events that give them the expertise to support both the members and two of our region managers