Major Improvements to Medicare Online Enrollment System

CMS has made major improvements to the Medicare online enrollment system (PECOS):

  • Incorporate search capabilities on the My Enrollments page
  • Increase access to information, and
  • Allow electronic signature of the Certification Statement and Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement.

The following upgrades are now available:


Overall Usability

Users will now have a search and filter feature that will allow the user to filter enrollments on the My Enrollments Page.  Users will be able to filter the enrollments shown on the My Enrollments Page based on: Medicare ID, National Provider Identifier (NPI), or by selecting an Enrollment Type, Enrollment Status, or State.  Additional data has been added to the enrollment data on the My Enrollments Page, i.e. Enrollment Type, Medicare ID, and Practice Location.


Access to More Information

Users will also be able to see if a request for revalidation has been sent by the MAC.  A “Revalidation Notice Sent” date will be displayed on the My Enrollments page.  This will reflect the date in which the Revalidation Letter was mailed by the MAC to the provider/supplier.  The date will be displayed on the My Enrollments page for 120 days.

In addition, users will be able to identify those enrollments that are accredited for Advanced Diagnostic Imaging (ADI) Services.

Electronic Submission and Signature of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Agreement

Users can now complete and submit EFT Agreement electronically with the option to e-sign the document.  If the provider/supplier submits the EFT agreement electronically and chooses not to Page 2 of 2 e-sign, they shall include a hardcopy form of the completed and signed EFT agreement with its supporting documentation to the contractor.  Providers/suppliers are still required to physically mail confirmation of account information on bank letterhead, or voided check whether the EFT is submitted electronically or via the paper version.  Along with the documentation, it is also important that the provider/supplier print and mail the enrollment submission confirmation page containing the web tracking ID.  This will ensure that the supporting documents mailed to your MAC get associated with your electronic application submission.