Leadership Planning Meeting

On Wednesday, October 22nd and Thursday, October 23rd, twenty-six of the organi- zation’s leaders, including the Board of Directors, met at the Royal Sonesta Hotel with Love Advertising to create the framework for service and facility brand standards that will take effect in 2015.

The process began in the spring of 2012, when the Board of Directors asked the Advertising & Marketing Committee to conduct a review of the advertising provision in the membership agreement and determine what changes, if any, needed to be made in order to build and strengthen the TSO brand. The conclusion of their 18 month work was to reduce the advertising contribution each member makes of 5% to 2%, and designate this as a brand license contribution. The following items were discussed at the Leadership Planning Meeting:

Graphic and Signage Standards
These standards govern the use of the TSO brand in advertising, internal point of sale materials, signage and any use of the TSO trademark in printed or digital application. It includes how the TSO brand is presented internally in the office, through social media, and the office website.

Service Standards
This will be a set of operational standards to ensure the consistent delivery of patient’s experience that will deliver excellence in customer satisfaction, both in the retail dispensary and the clinic experience. This includes the importance of training and edu- cation of staff, the customer service policies regarding appointment scheduling, the purchase and dispensing eyewear, and the retail merchandising of products.

Office Facility Standards
TSO Network will soon open its 50th new office. Each of the new offices are de- signed consistent with the current knowledge of retail display and clinical patient flow. They are decorated with contemporary furnishings and with updated color pal- ettes. However, unless they are maintained and continually updated, they, like many of our legacy offices, will soon lose their customer appeal and grow outdated, worn, cluttered and in disrepair. Recognizing the importance of how the offices themselves represent the TSO brand, the Advertising Committee calls for a set of facility stan- dards. These standards will stipulate a schedule of updating and remodeling which each member will be expected to meet and a process for ensuring the work is done consistent with the current industry standards and those set forth by the committee.