Keeping the Network Informed

Since I have been on the Board of Directors for the network and certainly since I have been Chairman of that Board, I have wanted to make a special effort to keep

all of the network informed of what is going on. We all know we are invited to attend the Board meetings at any time, but realistically this is not going to happen as we are all busy and really don’t want to take the time out of our offices. I am sure many of you, as did I, get a little frustrated in not knowing what is going on within the network in a timely manner, just as there are times the Board members get frustrated with some of us acting like they are not a member of the network and especially like they are not an owner of the company.

So what can we do to try to resolve both of these issues?

From the Boards side, I think we can do a better job of letting all members of the network know what is going on within the network at all times. Maybe we could send out an email to all members after each Board meeting with a brief synopsis of what was discussed and certainly listing any decisions that were made which would affect the network members. So here are some issues that were discussed at our most recent Board meeting.

– John Marvin is staying on as our President. This was John’s idea, and the Board agreed (unanimously and thankfully) to a 2 year contract with John. He is excited about the direction TSO is headed and would like to be a part of the journey.

– Brand standards. The new brand standards are in place and will need to be followed. We must have some structure, some uniformity, and some understanding of what will and will not be allowed. These standards are not too confining, and will

be withheld. Anyone not agreeing to the standards will have to make a decision as to whether they want to be a part of the network or not. We want everyone to stay,

but we must all be on the same playing field, and you have to want to be a part of the network too.

– Private label frames. We are moving forward with ClearVision to establish a line of frames just for TSO. A sampling was provided at Vision Quest that did not represent the style and quality of frame that we want for the members. We met with the owner of the company, and they now understand what we want and they will be presenting samples to us in the near future. These will be high quality frames that will list in frame facts for $60-80. They will be warranted, returnable, and POP will be available. We will start out with a limited number of styles and build on that as we go along.

– Essilor representatives met with us to explain their reasons for buying Vision Source and how that would not affect our relationship/agreements with Essilor labs.

We were very forthcoming in telling them that we were not sure how that could happen. Our lab agreement is up with them in about 1 year and we will have to decide at that time if we want to continue doing business with them or not. These are the main points of what was covered at the last Board meeting. We are all owners of this company and thus need to be aware of what is going on. You have elected us to make these decisions for you, but I feel everyone has the right to know what decisions are being made.

Along those same lines I would hope that everyone would like to be involved in this business just like you are involved in the business of your office. So I encourage everyone to contact me or any Board

member about any question or concern you may have. I can be reached at 2 email addresses; or

I can also be reached at the office at 512- 323-6996 or my cell at 512-789-9090. We have a great company! We can be even bigger and better and we have plans to do that. Please stay involved. Please make your ideas, concerns, questions known.

Let’s communicate better going both directions and we will all reap the benefits from it.