Keep It Simple, Smarty

The KISS method has been highly touted as the best method to getting things done effectively and quickly for generations. If you disagree, you are probably an engineer at heart. But if you speak truth to your inner self, you know it’s true, simple works.

And simple sells, too.

One of my family friends does a large number of medical procedures each day. The procedure is non-invasive and brief, but it does require hands to be placed on the patient. Almost all his patients come to him in a very nervous state and create their own miserable anxiety that ripples throughout the office, and I’m sure their families too. Instead of trying to explain how simple the procedure is and give comforting details about the outcomes, my friend takes a simpler approach. He tells a joke … and it isn’t even a very good joke. After the short joke, the patient calms down and begins to see my friend has already made them feel better. So, they trust him and calm right down for the simple procedure. Then he moves on to the next patient and tells the same dumb joke over again.

That is much simpler than explaining how that million dollar piece of equipment works and interacts with your body. This doesn’t work on every person. Some people are much more inquisitive about their health matters. So, use this tip as a guide and be ready for the exceptions. Simplicity works. The End.

Sparky Nolan is a Chamber Executive, a Community Builder and a Public Relations Specialist. For expert advice on how to plug in to your community, Sparky can be reached via text at 832-633-6332 or e-mail at Remember: You can’t get what you don’t ask for. So ask today!