Join the TSO Network Member Group Pages

TSO encourages all owners or staff members of a TSO Network office to join the TSO Network Member Group Page on Facebook. This is a private group and only members can see what is posted on the wall. We want to encourage people to share their successes, seek answers to questions and overall work with one another to continually improve the care provided by TSO Network member offices.

Periodically we will also have member only contests. The current TSO Network Member Group Page Back To School Contest is below.

Now that everyone has officially started school we want to see those smiling little faces with their new glasses! To enter the contest offices can post a picture of a child with their new frames on the TSO Network Member Group page (parent consent is required)

A photo will be randomly drawn and the office who posted the photo will win a catered lunch! ALSO the child whose picture was randomly selected will win a

$100.00 visa gift card.

*Up to 3 entries per office. Only one office and one child/parent will win.