iPhone Optical Tool Application Available

The application is called the “Optical Tool” and is designed to help opticians have quick access to optical information.


Quick entry

Add plus and minus with the tap of the screen

Swipe up or down for base up or base down

Swipe right for base in and left for base out

Quick ANSI reference

The app currently has seven formulas (Back Vertex, Compensated Power, Oblique Meridian, Prentice’s Rule, Resultant Prism, Resolving Prism, Center and Edge Thickness) and includes a reference to the ANSI Standards.  In addition to computing the formulas, the app also gives you detailed information about each formula.  More features will be added in the near future, so be sure to check for updates. 

The application is only $1.99 and is currently available in the Apple applications store.  Quickly get the answers to your calculations.