Introducing Office Manager Training Program

Last fall, the New Associate Training System was introduced and is currently being used by Network members to lay a solid foundation of common optical and customer service knowledge. This comprehensive training system enables members to hire quality individuals who have not worked in the optical industry before and in a matter of 30 weeks instill the level of knowledge that otherwise would take two to three years in the industry to begin to gain.

This year at Vision Quest, TSO University introduces the next program in the ongoing effort to provide quality training and education for TSO Network members when it introduces the Office Manager Training Program.

The Office Manager Training Program covers all areas of office management and complete will certify the associate as a qualified Office Manager. Success in an Network member office requires that the Member / Owner be able to delegate qualified and competent associates with managing the day to day operations of the office. This training will include areas in human resources, state and federal

regulations, billing and collections, inventory management, personnel management, effective scheduling and creating a culture of customer service.

Plan now to attend Vision Quest in Nashville and bring your office manager and your associates who you believe have the potential to perform office management responsibilities.