Increase your Frame Sales Part II

[This is Part Two of a two part series. Read Part One here. ]

5. Market plano sunwear.

Optometrists are the vision care specialists, yet sunglass retailers, drug stores and department stores sell the majority of this important visual aid. 

You can generate sales of plano sunwear by simply referring back to the lifestyle history and using the power of the doctor.  For example, in your office, there are three major groups of patients who must have plano sunwear:

  • All patients who wear contact lenses;
  • All patients who have indoor prescription spectacles only;
  • All children who do not wear prescription eyewear, as they require protection from damaging ultraviolet light.

If you concentrate on these groups in the exam room and meet your obligation to the patient, both plano sunwear and patient satisfaction will likely skyrocket.

6.  Use unique frame lines.

Add the most unique line of frames to further separate yourself from competitors.  Attend trade/professional exhibits, and purchase the unique frame lines that your competition ignores.  Don’t be satisfied with a “vanilla” optical or practice that offers no practice separation. 

7.  Take advantage of pre-appointed dispensing.

To capture the second pair, instruct the optician to record data on the pair the patient did not purchase.  Then, pre-appoint the dispensing and during this appointment, make available the frame that was not purchased during the first visit. 

Consider giving the patient an incentive to purchase the second pair.  For example, explain to the patient that “today” (the day of dispensing) is the last day that the patient can take advantage of $80 savings, or the discount you feel is appropriate. 

Offer an alternate payment option, such as third-party financing.  This allows patients to stretch their payments over a longer period of time.  Under third-party financing, your office gets paid in full minus a nominal handling charge.