Increase Multiple Pair Sales with the Tura Program

Being an optician brings with it the responsibility of full-service, needs based dispensing.

This means you should learn the needs of your patients and explain the benefits of multiple pairs in a way your patients will understand. When explained well, this approach will ultimately lead to multiple pair sales. Using a detailed patient questionnaire will guide your conversation, which in turn will establish you as the expert.

This expert status will build patient confidence and trust and will show that you care – ensuring patient loyalty.

Having only one pair of eyewear is a compromise for the patient. Coming from the point of view of the expert, you should explain the benefits of multiple pairs of eyewear, based on their prescription and lifestyle needs; Does the patient need progressive lenses? Will the patient benefit from single vision lenses? What about polarized sunwear? Discuss their career and activities; would the patient benefit from professional looking eyewear for work? Do they need a different type of eyewear for their hobby or activities such as cycling or playing sports?

Offer promotional pricing on multiple pair purchases and always say thank you. End the conversation with a positive comment – “Enjoy your new glasses – you look amazing!”