ICD-9 Updates for 2012

ICD released several updates for 2012 that with an effective date of October 1, 2011.  Most of the optometry changes involve the diagnosis of glaucoma.  The most significant change is glaucoma diagnosis must be associated with an “add-on” code that delineates the severity of the disease. 

New or Revised Codes

365.01   Glaucoma, open angle with borderline findings, low risk (low risk added)                        

365.05           Glaucoma, open angle with borderline findings, high risk (new code)

365.06   Primary angle closure without glaucoma damage (I know, hard to imagine!)

“Add-On” Codes

365.70   Glaucoma, unspecified

365.71           Glaucoma, mild

365.72   Glaucoma, moderate

365.73   Glaucoma, severe stage

365.74   Glaucoma, indeterminate stage

These add-on codes must be used any time the primary glaucoma diagnosis codes are used.  Those include 365.10, 365.11, 365.12, 365.13, 365.20, 365.22, 365.23, 365.31, 365.52, 375.62 365.63, 365.65.  The add-on codes can NEVER be used as a primary diagnosis code but MUST be used with your primary glaucoma diagnosis code.