I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Vision Quest 2012 was a culmination of celebration, education and renewing our commitment to grow our system.

San Francisco was a perfect location for our annual TSO convention. It is a small city with perfect weather and you can travel to most scenic spots within 15 minutes. There is a mystique about San Francisco and you feel right at home as a tourist. The images of cable cars and the Golden Gate Bridge will help us remember San Francisco for a long time. The Fairmont San Francisco is the king of the hotels in the area. This is probably the best hotel we have stayed for the history of Vision Quest. It provides a classic and elegant atmosphere to the convention.

We began with the chairman’s exhortation of a purpose driven optometrist. Mr. Sasha Strauss finished the evening with his dynamic presentation on effective marketing. As for the continuing education, we had five different session rooms for doctors, managers and staff. The doctors had many continuing education electives to choose from this year.

Hopefully, they are relevant to all of us and we can apply what we have learnt when we go back to our own office. The bottom line is that we would be able to improve our practice at the end of the day.

We also had an afternoon of round table for the new TSO Network optometrists. It was well presented by several experienced doctors and a huge success.

The 2012 VQ was closed with the president’s report of the year 2011. TSO is the organization for the new young graduates and we are turning out numbers which attract attention from our peers and the optical industry. I would like to express my appreciation to John D. Marvin and his staff who planned and executed perfectly. I also want to thank all the vendors who invested their monies and time in our convention to make it a success.