How to Sell Multiple Pairs

Mark Hinton, CEO and President of eYeFacilitate presented a helpful message regarding how to successfully sell multiple pairs of eyewear at the Houston Marketing Council meeting on July 9th. Mark graduated with honors and received a degree in Opthalmic Dispensing & Engineering Technology from Hillsborough College in Tampa, Florida. He developed a very successful independent primary eye health practice with optical retail alone exceeding annual sales of $1.4 million dollars by 1997. Mark is a COPE certified and American Board of Opticianry certified educator. Currently, he is a partner in an optometric private practice. With his team, he develops, mentors, and coaches practitioners and opticians based on real-time, real-life issues and circumstances which face the typical practice daily.

The message Mark presented at the HMC meeting was quite simple, yet unique. Review Sunglasses Made Simple to help your office successfully sell multiple pairs of eyewear.


Doctor’s Role: “Kate, you see this little spot right here on your retina in your eye? This is your macula and it’s remarkable. It’s responsible for 90+% of what you see. Together, we need to keep it healthy; in fact, macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in people over 55 and we don’t have a fix for it. Without it, you couldn’t live independently. People are living longer lives which simply increases risk of sun-related eye diseases. Yours looks healthy and because you lead an active lifestyle, drive, and get outdoors, I’ll prescribe for your outdoor glasses to eliminate all ultraviolet radiation and we’ll up your odds and reduce your risk. “Sound smart?”

MPOD or Densitometry: “Your MPOD scores are normal today and we’ll baseline them in your medical record and I’ll see you in 1 year and compare & evaluate them year-over-year for your advantage.”

Optician’s Role: Pick 5 sun frames along with the everyday frames, and set them aside until you get to the “most important” pair.

“Kate, Dr. Clarke prescribed for your outdoor glasses today to preserve your sight from future damage and keep you safe on the highway, and I’ll help you prioritize this. It’s obviously important because sun damages eyes like it does skin, except we have no fix for eyes! Lose your central macular sight from sun-related UV radiation and you simply can’t read, see faces, drive, or live independently again! This is why we’re vigilant with all patients. I’ve pre-selected frames that would work efficiently with Polarized lenses. Polarized lenses How to Sell Multiple Pairs
eliminates blinding glare which is the cause of 1/3 of all highway accidents. Before we choose, let me ask you “When do you feel sunglasses are most helpful for you?’”

If the patient says: “Can’t afford ‘em right now?”

Optician: “You’re not alone Kate. Most people haven’t prioritized this.”

Patient: “I feel like I’m seeing well enough not to change my sunglasses!”

Optician: “Yes, Kate, and some even do feel they see well enough with a previous prescription until they realize they’re at much higher risk to injure themselves or others in an accident. If you did have an accident and you should have updated your eyeglasses and you did not do it, you could be liable in court. I know this is one of those things people don’t think about. Should we plan this and prioritize it for you, too? So we can meet your outdoor eye health need, I have a thought that’s worked great for others. How about we choose your favorite sun frame now and I’ll save the measurements. When you pick up your glasses, or next month, you instruct me to make them, I’ll have the lab hold your extra savings gift certificate and it’ll be simple, easy, and convenient so you won’t even have to start all over again. This has made it easy for our other patients, just like you! Sound like a good plan for you, too?”