How to Help Your Front Desk Work Smarter

More patients, more paperwork and more pressure all have combined to create a greater burden for staff on the front line. At the same time, patients and their insurers expect your front desk people to be friendlier and more accurate than ever. Here are suggestions to help you teach your front desk staff to work smarter.

Each Patient Deserves Undivided Attention. If possible, separate front desk duties into full-time patient greeters and full-time patient phone services people. Even with a front office staff of just two people, one should serve as a receptionist to greet, receive, process and check out patients. This staff member is your first contact with the public, and they shouldn’t be interrupted. If you don’t win the patients at the front desk, you don’t win.

Give Good Phone Service. The difference between a satisfied and dissatisfied patient sometimes comes down to the way they’re handled on the phone.

  • First, don’t waste patients’ time.
  • Make it a practice goal that the phone is answered on three rings or
  • Always give your name when answering a
  • When scheduling and appointment, work with the patient to make it the most convenient location and time for the

What are your tips for an efficient front desk? How have they changed your practice?

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