Healthcare Reform and Your Retail Advantage!

Healthcare reform is a hot topic that can paralyze us with the fear of what if and when and how, so I advise you focus and concentrate on the patient walking through YOUR doors today.

Let’s explore words to say and words NOT to say to our patients. YOUR patient experience will differentiate your office and team from others. People buy with emotion and justify with their own logic. If you focus on using ugly words that revolve around price you’ll keep you consumer focused on price; conversely, if you focus on using emotional “buy-in” words your consumer will focus on how they’re going to FEEL about their new incredible sight and image or look; people DO care about how they look and a mirror proves it!

For example, we all use the word “insurance” in our business with patients and consumers, to mean either medical insurance or vision care plans, interchangeably; we all know they are different, their intent is different, there use is different and their cost to the consumer is different, yet the consuming patient hears something else. Medical health insurance costs the consumer much more in premiums than a vision care discount plan, which will often cost the consumer less than $100 annually to receive exam and refraction for only a co-pay, and glasses often for less than half price. Call it what it is, a vision discount savings plan, and begin to recondition your patient/consumers to understand the incredible benefits they are entitled to use for such a small investment in their vision care savings plan. It’s like paying upfront to join and be a “member” of a cost savings “club”, right? Think about that!

Most consumers would be pleased with a 20% discount on their ‘big ticket’ house-hold items or appliances and yet we only collect roughly 35% of what we bill to vision care plans; the patient/consumer gets roughly a 65% discount! WOW! Do they know that? NO, we confound and confuse them!

Make it a game in your office and get all team members exchanging “insurance” for “vision savings discount” and watch the change in consumer behavior over the coming months.