Have You Hugged Your Staff Lately?

A good staff can be the difference between an office that succeeds and an office that struggles.  We as doctor/owners must rally the troops and set the bar for what we expect.  However, even the best laid plans can fall flat if your staff does not execute.  Our patients get to know our staff long before we have the opportunity to examine their eyes. If your staff is happy, it shows.  If they are not, that shows, too.   So what have you done lately to tell your staff thank you? 

 Just Google “How to reward employees” and you will find lots of resources on ways to motivate your staff.  Experts tell us that employees who feel appreciated are more productive and happier.  There are lots of ways to say thank you.  Even things as simple as picking up a box of kolaches or donuts go a long way.  We spent this past weekend having a group outing with our office staff.  We started with lunch and got a group discount on Houston Aeros tickets.  We even had door prizes for the employees to win.  We had a blast!  It was like soccer, basketball and ice skating all rolled into one game with an occasional boxing match thrown in the mix.   I find that getting out of the office gives us a better chance to bond and creates a fun event.  So find ways to say thanks and I guarantee you’ll reap the rewards. 

Keep in touch.

Dr. Roland Montemayor