Happy New Year!

To all my colleagues in the TSO network of independent optometrist, I would like to extended well wishes for a prosperous 2013. Happy New Year!!

The New Year will bring us great opportunities and great change. We are all anxiously awaiting the coming changes the New Year will bring to include changes in tax law, the economy, and the affordable care act. All can be significant. Let’s look at these changes as opportunities to analyze our practices and to ensure they won’t adversely affect our practices.

The New Year is also a great time to make changes in you practice. At my practice, we have instituted the use of Medicare’s ABN (advanced beneficiary notice) to facilitate an increased fee for refractions, and Optomap imaging. We will also increase our per unit frame price a few dollars. Small changes to ensure revenue stream is maintained, if insurance reimbursement is decreased.

This New Year our Network will help make the previous mentioned changes manageable. We are not just a single office, alone on an island.  We are a strong group of optometrists, helping each other improve.

 I’m looking forward to assuming the role of Chairman. I have big shoes to fill, following in the footsteps of Drs. Yeung, Blount, Katz and Lopez to name a few. But I know that with the support and input of all our offices and the guidance of the board, this year will see all of our TSO offices prosper. 

– Benny Peña, OD