Hallmark Holiday Cards Fill Fourth Quarter with Caring

For every marketing campaign that is promoted by TSO Marketing, an unspoken but implied promise is made. The TSO mission statement says, “We help people see the important things in life.” During the fourth quarter, we are proud to show our care and appreciation to those who trust their vision with the Doctors of TSO.

The design of this year’s Hallmark holiday card is bright and lighthearted on the front of the card as a mother and daughter with intertwined arms say, “There’s a special kind of glow about the holidays…” and when the card opens you read, “Wishing you a holiday season filled with laughter, smiles and joy shining of the eyes of those you love.”

Not only have we communicated that we appreciate and care for our patients, but the Hallmark logo on the back of the card adds a touch of quality that everyone recognizes with the Hallmark brand. Adding more impact is the option to have the cards signed with the full names of up to three doctors and staff and the name of your TSO location. These wonderful cards not only build loyalty to the TSO brand, but the enclosed gift checks encourage patients to take action and visit their TSO.

With the cards arriving to the patient’s homes the week of Thanksgiving, this fourth quarter promotion is nothing short of making the TSO legacy campaign a tangible gesture for our patients.