Growing Intentionally

This is not only the theme for Vision Quest this year, but its also what we all must focus on doing. I think the days of just opening the office and having people come in are over. In optometry school, we were never taught how to grow an office. Most of us, myself included, opened the doors, put an ad in the Yellow Pages and maybe did a little advertising and it worked. How? I don’t know!

Those days are probably gone. There is more competition than ever before, not only with the Wal-Marts of the world, but also with the online retailers.

We as optometrists are highly trained in providing excellent eye care, but we literally get no training in how to grow a practice. That is why the TSO Network is changing and putting a significant emphasis on training the staff.

We all have good intentions on training our staff the best we can, but then we get busy and are unable to do it. Or we have so much turn over that we finally get tired of doing it over and over and delegate it to a staff member. Even with their best intentions, it starts to break down.

With the changes being made within the TSO Network structure, this training will be available to us and it will be done for all staff members the same way throughout the network. Our opportunities for change spur from participating in the “Creating Yeses” seminars to the Quick Start program and hands-on training.

Training will also develop through the 26-week course just introduced through the regional market managers. Eventually our “in-house” trainers will help develop our staff members and we will have the best- trained staffs in the industry.

Having trained staff means having happier, more productive staff that deliver a higher quality of service to our patients. That translates into making more money and being able to better compensate our staff, which decreases turnover. Overall, having trained staff makes our lives much easier. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. So, I encourage you to send your staff to the training seminars. Give them a day or a half-day to go with pay. Invite your regional market manager in to do an overview of your office. Have your staff do the 26-week training course. Let’s all grow our offices intentionally.