Grow Intentionally

Many of us have just returned from Vision Quest and this was the theme of our conference. This is also the theme of our Network.

More specifically, how do we put in place the tools to enable each individual office in the TSO Network to grow to it’s maximum potential and in so doing enable the Network to grow?

Most of us have probably done some marketing for our offices, but not much, and we assumed or hoped our offices would attract patients and grow. For many of us this has worked. But have we reached our potential? Probably not. Potential is not just a monetary evaluation. It is also a customer service evaluation.

Vision Quest opened with our keynote speaker, Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor. His interactive presentation enlightened us on how to deal with competition and provide customer service unequaled.

Proof of his teachings is shown by the small coffee shop owner that he helped withstand the opening of two Starbucks within a block of his location. The coffee shop not only increased their business, but eventually the Starbucks closed.

Our two days of continuing education were interactive presentations by Jay Binkowitz and two of his team members from Gateway Professional Network.

They stressed ways in which we can say things a little differently and become more personable with our patients, so that there is no reason for them to go elsewhere, especially when it comes to purchasing eyewear.

Our closing speaker, Tim McKenzie, challenged us to go out immediately and utilize the skills we learned at the conference.

We all have the potential to do incredible things. For our offices, that means doing much more business. We have to plan and set in place the means to achieve our goals.

Now that we have all returned to our practices, we must put the necessary tools and learned skills in place to move forward. If we fail to succeed in these small tasks, our excitement is much like the balloon Bob had us blow up and release during his presentation. It will take a nosedive and die.

Our goal as individuals and as the TSO Network is to not let this happen. We can succeed by utilizing the continuous training that has been put into place for each TSO Network Office.

This training consists of:

  • Your region managers being there to help you;
  • The “Creating Yeses” seminar presented by Rosie Daniel;
  • The Quick Start seminars that will be coming to each region soon;
  • The Tuesday morning regional managers conference call training;
  • The 26-week training manual each office will be receiving;
  • The Lunch and Learn Webinars and
  • The consistent training of the in- office

The groundwork has been laid. If you have not taken advantage of the training programs that have been presented so far, please start doing so in the near future.

Offices grow by having happy patients who tell their friends and family about the care they received during their appointments. This is accomplished by having a happy, trained staff that knows their job and consistently does it well. This in turn increases the office income by having more patients, higher dollar sales and fewer remakes. And the circle continues.

We have the potential to be the strongest eye care organization in the state of Texas. We are well on our way, but we must provide consistent service and care throughout the TSO Network. To achieve that, we must continue to provide continuous training to the Doctors and Staff of the TSO Network. Please utilize all that is being offered. You are paying for it. No chain is stronger than it’s weakest link. Don’t be the weak link!