Grace QUEEN Collection + Gridiron Collection Alternative / Plan B Eyewear

Everyone knows that each customer is unique. Some want designer, some want budget, some people want all the bells and whistles, and some people just need to be able to see. But what about the individuals that have specific sizing needs? Often they are viewed as a niche market, and forced into frames that quite simply, don’t fit. They’re stretched out, uncomfortable, and don’t look or feel like a properly fitted frame should.

These individuals are often forced to settle when it comes to their eyewear purchases, but that shouldn’t have to be the case. Offering a variety of sizing is important, especially for individuals with larger or ethnic sizing considerations.

Alternative Eyewear has decided to face this problem head on, and has two collections built to meet these important sizing needs. Their Gridiron line

is quite literally “built to fit.” These oversized men’s frames have larger eye sizes, wider fronts and longer temples. Having a proper fit is great, but who cares if the frame isn’t so great to look at itself? Offering Gridiron means the customer never has to compromise. This collection features a variety of classic and stylish men’s looks with the most recent release incorporating some great acetate fronts that feature the on-trend frame shapes men want. The new frames also feature a 180 degree hinge for increased comfort and flexibility. There is zero compromise for the customer – they get a perfect fit with a great looking, well-made frame.

But what about women who need a frame that meets their sizing needs? Alternative Eyewear has found an answer for this problem too with the brand new Queen by Grace Collection. This subset of their popular Grace collection is composed of six new models. Each model comes in a selection of three different colors, and includes some of the hottest colors of the season: bold reds, sexy animal prints and cute pastel fades. Eye sizes

range from 53-55 with extra-long temples for a perfect fit. The collection also features 2 models with nose pads for a comfortable fit for different ethnicities. Queen stays true to the Grace brand with gorgeous temple details and feminine frame shapes. All women are beautiful in their own way, and deserve a pair of eyewear that reflects their style and personality, with zero compromise.

These two collections are now available and are the perfect solution to the age old problem of finding that right pair of frames for the bigger customer. To learn more, please contact your sales representative directly, or call toll-free: 1-888-399-7742. You can also preview these collections on their website at