Golf in the Presbyopic Years

Entering the presbyopic years can prove to be a problem for those who love the game of golf.

During this time, not only do golfers have difficulty seeing how far the golf balls travel with each shot but then they cannot read the GPS golf tips and yardage at arm’s length, to make the matters worse, they cannot see the scorecard.

This presbyopic dilemma becomes the underlying reason why many golfers come into our practices wanting a miraculous visual solution.

A few months ago, a golf coach came in my office looking for a distance correction as well as near solution. I suggested multifocal soft contact lenses.  My favorite lenses are the CooperVision Proclear EP lenses. It is an ideal product for golf in that distance vision is maximized and there is still enough near vision to see the scorecard. Another ideal lens is the CIBA Air Optix Aqua Multifocal, especially in the low to medium add.

The higher the add power, the more difficult the distance vision becomes. So, therefore, it will ultimately be unacceptable to the avid golfer. Sometime it is possible to get away with using high add lens in one eye and a distance lens in the other eye as a modified monovision concept.

I am not a huge fan of pure monovision for golfers. There is a saying in golf, “Drive for show, putt for dough.” It is far more important to avid golfers to see distance well than it is for them to have the same acuteness of vision when putting. Next time, when Arnold Palmer comes into our office, we are ready for the challenges.