Fourth Quarter Program Jingles Bells

To close out 2013, the TSO Network is combining two of our most popular sales incentive programs for the staff of TSO Network offices to participate in!

We are encouraging the use of TSO proprietary products: MiraVa, MiraVa Plus, ViewShield and ViewShield Enhanced with the promotion of patient education in the benefits of owning multiple pairs of glasses for multiple uses.

This sales program will encourage patients to use their benefits before they expire at year end, increase revenue at TSO Network offices and lower the cost of goods through the promotion of the TSO Network high-quality, proprietary products.

All TSO Network staff members are encouraged to participate in the program and put a little jingle in their bells! By partaking in this program, TSO Network staff can make extra holiday funds to take care of the important things in their life. For some, it may be providing gifts for families in need. For others, it may be a special holiday dinner. It’s a win-win!

With the program ending December 31, TSO Network staff members still have plenty of time to participate.

Here are some results from the first few weeks!