Forward Progress

One of the best things about TSO is that the doctor’s own the company. At our most recent Board of Directors meeting, many of the owners of the company attended to voice their opinions about some of the changes that had been introduced. This is a great thing. The fact that if you want to get involved you can. If you have an opinion, you can voice it and be heard.

As a result of this meeting three decisions were made. First, the New Membership Agreement and accompanying Membership Policies would be withdrawn and current Membership Agreements would be amended to eliminate the advertising contribution of five percent and put in place a two percent brand license fee. Second, a committee would be formed consisting of three members of the board and three shareholders who are not members. This committee would review the intent of setting a set of standards for each member and decide what, if any should be brought back to the board for approval. Third, a second committee was established composed of three members of the Board and three shareholders who are not board members to review the company’s By Laws to ensure they reflect the structure that this committee believes best serves the TSO organization and its members.

The Board is developing the process through which the shareholder positions on these committees are selected and you should be hearing of our decisions soon. We are committed to providing a fair and representative process for filling these important committee positions.

Like any business or organization, not everyone is going to agree on everything. We have to be creative and think of ways, programs and services that serve our members best. If we have successful members, then others will want to join us. We have to keep moving forward and making progress.